How Can a 50-Year-Old Woman Lose Weight?

Aging brings about countless changes to a woman’s life. It is the time your period stops, you can no longer bear a child, hair turns white, you lose hair, you get wrinkles, etc. It is also a time when you can either gain too much or lose too much weight. Both are not good, but fortunately can be solved.

It is more common for a woman to gain weight than lose some when they are older. When one reaches 50, most of them have lesser workload—some retire early, the kids have moved out. They have more time for leisure, lesser stress—so they gain weight. It is okay if they reach an ideal weight, since it could also be bad for a 50-year-old woman to be too thin, but being overweight and too fat is not good either.

A 20-year old woman will certainly have far more different ways to lose weight as opposed to that of a 50-year old. The changes in the body should always be considered. Turning 50 means you would start feeling all the strains in your body brought about by the possibly more active lifestyle you had when you were younger.

What can 50-year old women do to lose weight?

  • Try weight training.Do not be overwhelmed by your age and the age of frequent gym-goers. Age does not matter in fitness, that is for sure. The fact is that when you turn 50, you already have about 20% lesser muscle mass as compared to when you were younger. It could even be a better time for you to put on some pounds, and also lose weight the same manner you did about 20 years ago.
  • Eat a balanced diet. Remember that a balanced diet has to be a healthy diet. Stock up your pantry with more fruits and vegetables instead of food with empty calories. We often make the mistake of eating too much, at times consuming food with no nutritional value at all. These foods make us bloated and are also the common culprits of why we gain unwanted fats—most of which end up in the belly. Make it a habit to eat foods that are rich in fiber.
  • Switch to tea instead of coffee. Coffee has been known to keep us up all night. When you hit 50 and do not have to worry anymore about having to wake up very early, take that as an indication to cut on your cups of coffee. Try drinking green tea instead. It is rich in antioxidants that help your body’s metabolism. Green tea extract also has the ability to detoxify your body. It rejuvenates you and flushes out toxins that may cause sickness.
  • Set an appointment with a physical therapist. This should be done before even starting out with the top tip about weight training. At 50, there might be a few restrictions regarding what your routines should be. It is always wiser to consult a physical therapist and ask his opinion on what workout exercises would benefit you most. Physical therapists can even set you up for pain-free workouts.
  • Research on metabolism-boosting foods.You must change your eating habits if you are aware that you are guilty of eating junk. This is not the time to stock up on empty calories. You can go to a dietitian, or just browse the web to know what food can help your metabolic rate be better. Some of your best bets include broccoli, apples, pears, and even spicy peppers.
  • Eat more good fat. Cutting up on fat does not mean you do not need in in your life. You still do, but remember to stick to the good fat. This pertains to omega 3s, found in fatty fish, nuts, and egg yolks. This one is easy to do since these foods are very available in the market. Stock up on salmon, almonds, walnuts, and butter. You can also consume fish oil capsules every day.
  • Get enough calcium. Aging causes your bones to become brittle. While it would have been best to have consumed calcium rich foods when you were younger, you can still control bone strength at this time. Milk is the most popular source of calcium, but can be a double edged sword since it also has fat. Go for a nonfat milk with the same amount of calcium for better results that would be beneficial for both your weight loss plan and your bones. You can also consume dairy products such as butter and cheese. To make sure your body absorbs as much calcium from your diet, make sure you take vitamin D supplements. They also help in boosting your immune system.
  • Make sure you consume enough protein. The best time to have protein in a meal is in breakfast. This will keep you fuller throughout the day, so you do not have to worry about eating too much and going way over your recommended calorie intake. Studies show that 5 to 7 ounces of protein is recommended. Your best protein sources include nonfat yogurt and soybeans. They also have calcium but without the fat.
  • Limit salt. Apart from salt, you must also start cutting on your refined sugar and white flour intake. These three all have immediate impact to your body. Contrary to popular belief, it is not fat that makes you fat, but sugar. Refined sugar is addictive, which explains why you can’t stop eating sweets when you see them. Salt and white flour, on the other hand, are not needed by your body at all, and only result to unwanted fats.

Just because you turn 50 does not mean you can stop taking care of your body. In fact, it is high time for you to be extra careful with your body, your health, your general well-being. Aging has quite a lot of effects in our life, and if we are not careful, could be the gateway to many illnesses and body pains. Before that happens, let us learn to love ourselves—even before we reach the golden age.

It is our responsibility to ourselves to be mindful of our diet, our exercise, and our health. We should look out after ourselves, and make sure we are always at our best condition. Make wellness a priority, for that is what we need to live a longer, healthier life.