Edge HPX – Best Supplement for Erectile Dysfunction

Maintaining a happy relationship is hard work. A sure way to keep happiness consistent is to be sexually active with one’s partner. The inability to perform in bed can then create a massive bump on the road, and could potentially sabotage a relationship. There are solutions to bedroom issues. In fact, erectile dysfunction affects a majority of the male population at a certain point in their lives. Especially after the age of 50, a man has a 70 percent higher chance of showing signs of erectile dysfunction.

There are natural ways of combating erectile dysfunction. Changing one’s diet so it consists of healthy foods can reverse the adverse effects of erectile dysfunction. The healthy diet solution is long-term, and does not ensure success. Even working out does wonders for the body, but is only usable as a long term solution.

There are several shortcut routes a man can take to deal with a erectile dysfunction diagnosis. Going to a doctor and getting prescribed medication is one route to take, but keep in mind the side effects of every medication. If a man were to have persistent heart problems, then getting prescribed medication will do more damage than good.

With popular medications, such as Viagra, common side effects include headaches, upset stomach, muscular pain, and nausea. Also,  the drug works only 30 minutes after consumption and does not actually help deal with the problem. Viagra is advertised as a temporary solution, since the male body can then soon become dependent on the drug in order to get an erection. Also, younger men experiencing erectile dysfunction are discouraged from going to a doctor because of the age stigma regarded to it. Injections for the penis also provide a quick solution, but that solution is extremely costly. Men deserve a solution that is not age specific, not expensive, and that does not have adverse side effects.

Keep in mind if a man were  prescribed medication for another health problem, it could counter act with any medication treating erectile dysfunction. Allowing one’s body to naturally heal is essential, especially if a man were to have heart related medical issues.

There indeed are natural supplements that provide an alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction. Supplements utilize natural minerals and compounds that work with the body to compensate for loss of hormones. Many supplements claim to be the right one, but most of them use synthetic compounds that do more harm than good.

Edge HPX is a natural alternative way to reversing an erectile dysfunction diagnosis. Manufactured by AndroGenyx, Edge HPX is in fact revolutionary in its results. A major component of Edge HPX is its ability to miraculously transform the sex a man has with his partner. The supplement has the ability to maintain erections for longer periods of time and actually increases the size of the erection. Edge HPX also allows for easier blood flow throughout the body. Typically, men who have erectile dysfunction have limited blood flow throughout the body. Edge HPX promotes blood flow to the nether regions of the body.

Other than directly positively impacting the penis, Edge HPX also improves its users physique and sex drive. Once a man takes this pill, his libido significantly increases. The supplement gives a boost of testosterone to the male body, which allows the libido increase. Edge HPX specifically helps men make more of testosterone rather than replace it with a synthetic version.  Sex will also feel much more pleasurable because of the massive sensitivity a man will feel on his penis. Physically, a man will become bulkier and will gain muscle at a faster pace once taking Edge HPX. Having a strong physique is essential to be an incredible sexual partner. Stamina allows for a longer time span for the act and allows the man to focus on his lover’s body.

Three essential ingredients is what makes Edge HPX the first of its kind for erectile dysfunction patients. Epimedium, Agmatine, and Arginine Hydrochloride are all normally found in treatments specifically for erectile dysfunction. Usually, the ingredients are all given separately, but combined they form somewhat of a super supplement. Normally, these ingredients can be present in other supplements along with other synthetic chemicals. AndroGenyx has made Edge HPX extremely easy to take since it’s in a pill form. Basically no side effects have been reported by users since all the ingredients in the pill are natural and accepted by the human body.

AndroGenyx values its customers privacy amongst all things. Having erectile dysfunction is an embarrassment for most men, so seeking help is a challenge. Men normally avoid going to the doctors and avoid getting prescribed medications that will not actually treat the problem. AndroGenyx provides a solution by keeping every customer’s information private. The company sends its packages wrapped discreetly, so no one will know what is inside the box.