Weight Management Tips


The importance of weight fluctuation as a symptom is prevalent in many disorders and diseases.  Culturally, it used to be associated with being higher class due to the ability to purchase higher quality food and eat well.  Now, it is typically associated with poor health or lifestyle choices.  This can mean eating a large quantity of fast food, lack of exercise or general unhealthiness caused by a genetic disorder.

It has come to light that weight alone cannot define being healthy or unhealthy.  There are weights that may seem large but do not necessarily mean a high content of unhealthy fats in the body.  Regardless, weight is something that influences much more than social standing. It can be the basis for your body being in good or poor health.

Managing weight effectively can lead to better moods, better sexual and athletic performance, and energy levels. In essence, a lighter body is usually a more effective machine.  Weight management doesn’t need to be a hardship.  It comes down to a careful measuring of lifestyle and consistent action with attention to detail.

Managing one’s weight can be one of the most expensive endeavors in one’s life. Hiring a personal trainer, along with a nutritionist, can put a huge dent on anyone’s wallet. Thankfully, there are ways to manage weight and have it not be a massive expense.

Many weight management tips online can be scientifically false and not evidence based whatsoever. It is important to stress how essential it is to fully research the tips found online for weight loss and weight management.

Drinking water before meals mentally tricks the mind into having a full stomach, which forces the person to eat less when time comes to actually eat the meal. Also, drinking a lot of water boosts a person’s metabolism within a matter of hours. Studies have shown that after one hour of drinking water, a person’s metabolism increased about 30 percent. Having an increased metabolism ensures weight loss and over time weight management.

Another drink that improves one’s metabolism along with maintaining one’s weight is green tea. Green tea does have tiny percent of caffeine but do not let that fact become a discouragement. In fact, green tea is jam packed with antioxidants called catechins. The catechins work simultaneously with the small amount of caffeine to promote an increased amount of fat burning.


Switching up the oil one cooks with is a great idea to manage weight, especially if oil is a major part of one’s diet. Certain fats are processed by the human body differently, making some oils more beneficial than others. Coconut oil is special because it has a high content of a fat called medium chain triglycerides. What makes medium chain triglycerides so special is that it is metabolized more efficiently by the body than other fats. Coconut oil can boost up one’s metabolism to about 120 calories a day, so one ends up eating less than before.

Eating less refined carbohydrates is a definite way to manage one’s weight. Foods that go under the refined carbohydrate category would be foods that have been stripped of any nutritional value they might have. White pasta, white bread, sugar or other grains all are ultimately bad to consume. These foods provide temporary hunger relief, while in a few hours cravings come back stronger. Blood glucose levels can also spike up tremendously after consumption, making managing weight difficult. A tip if one were to eat carbs, consume them in their natural fiber state.

Another way to mentally trick oneself into weight loss and management would be to eat from a smaller plate. Sometimes the eye dictates how much a person eats, not their stomach. So, presenting food in a smaller plate tricks the eye into thinking one has eaten a lot of food. Thus, one feels fuller while eating less food.

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